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The following are actual examples of emails and letters received from clients. Digitalhost merged with Hostcp3 in 2002 to form a larger and more cost efficient hosting service, The original owners and management still manage the Digitalhost group today. * December 2004 Our Original service [ ] started in 2000 providing hosting and email services to local clients, we now serve an increasing international market.

Here is a full page of testimonies from Australian clients on the Whirlpool forums.

I just have to say thankyou Nicholas and the team at digitalhost, your dedication to service and assisting us in getting our project running is outstanding.


Let me say only one thing.
What a great bunch of guys,and most of all the GREAT SERVICE.

Young Aussies Use U.S. Technology to Provide Quality Services to U.S. Clients

Webhosting service, digitalhost, receives raves from clients.

(PRWEB) July 12, 2005 -- "You are STILL the best ISP I have ever worked with. It is an enormous point of pride for you and an embarrassment for us that you.... 10,000 miles away gives us better service than the ISPs in my own town.... be very proud..." says jerry at

This is the kind of feedback that provides the incentive for us to continue year after year to work harder for our valued clients all over the world, says CEO of digitalhost Nicholas Richardson.

digitalhost started locally in 1999 providing email and website hosting services, 5 years later under the digitalhost banner they are now providing fully integrated ecommerce websites right up to redundant database systems to businesses across the United States.

The main business is still the client wanting reliable email and webhosting services, digitalhost have built their business on personal fast support 24/7, they use only best quality Network providers in the United States and all local hardware to run quality webhosting and email services on.

It may be 10,000 miles to the United States from Australia but it's only seconds via email and our fully manned support desk to attend to any query or issue our clients may have at anytime of the day or night, said James the support desk co-ordinator.

In this very competitive business we have had incredible growth through acquisition of other smaller hosts and referral from satisfied existing clients, our customer base currently covers 12 countries across the globe, our support desk and cpanel systems are multilgual for the convenience of our clients, we use the popular Cpanel Webhosting system with Fantastico installers on all of our late model Pentium 4 servers says Nicholas Richardson CEO of digitalhost.

If you are looking for a competitively priced quality provider of webhosting and email services you please drop by the website and see what their clients are saying about the digitalhost service.

done and paid for...
PS: You are STILL the best ISP I have ever worked with. It is an enormous point of pride for you and an embarrassment for us that you.... 10,000 miles away gives us better service than the ISPs in my own town.... be very proud...

You guys are great! Always there when needed. I would love to provide you with another client testimonial so feel free to cut and paste the following onto your website.

My company has been a "MUCH more than satisfied" user of Digitalhost for over 3 years. They just seem to get better and better. The service is super-reliable and the customer service just can't be beat. I have NEVER had a problem or question that they did not resolve within 24 hours. If you are just starting out or have a fully established business you will not make a mistake going with Digitalhost.

Dear Digitalhost Team

I would simply like to take this opportunity to thank your company for your hard work and dedication to my company over the past month. After the horrors I endured with my previous host, being able to communicate with real live people has been a pleasure. You efficiency and reply times of under 30 mins to my support e-mails is service of a standard I have yet to experience on the Internet. My special thanks for sorting out all my hosting problems left over from the previous hosting provider with startling speed and reliability and for making the painful process of closing my company down, that much easier to endure.

I look forward to working with you again in the future. At last a reliable remote hosting company for us over here in Africa!

Gareth Bentley
Managing Director
ColdReed Commnications Ltd.
Zambia, Africa

Most reasonable hosting companies give satisfactory service when things are going along okay; nobody would expect otherwise and thereís little merit in that. Itís when things donít go well due to the mistakes, incompetence and errors of others that the really good hosting businesses show their metal. And for Digital Host theirs is 24 carat gold.

Never in more than a dozen years on the Net have I been so well looked after as when rescued from my previous failing hosting company by Nicholas Richardson of DigitalHost. Courtesy, laced with quiet efficiency and an incredible dedication to customer satisfaction is the order of every day. Smart advertising copy written by a professional? No, just a good, well-deserved blow on the testimonial trumpet from a well satisfied client with a smug grin on his face.

Peter de Pradines (CEO HiperNet-Group)

I am the president of Doodle-Tech, a computer company based in New Jersey, and I have had great success with I started with them a few years ago and have had very few problems or complaints. Their support
is excellent and very knowledgeable. I have had very fast replies to all of my questions and the answers have been very helpful. I started with their basic hosting plan and then upgraded to become a hosting reseller myself.
When you are a hosting reseller, your company's image is only as good as the backbone behind it. I would definitely give a high recommendation if you are looking for a quality provider for your reseller account.

Best Regards,

Evan B. Ruesch

Iíve got to say that I am impressed. Very quick responseÖ I have not gotten such a quick response from other web hosting services.

Thank you.



I think we are all set. All three of the new domains are pointing to the new DigitalHost account and functioning well. We are in business with essentially zero downtime. Great!

I am more than happy to refer business to you. Your service is outstanding, and I apparently haven't been alone in my frustration in finding a provider that truly takes care of their customers. I guess I value customer service above all, and consider my getting you more business as a sort of thank you to you for doing such a great job of taking care of me as a customer.

Thanks for all of your assistance with the transition of our new domain. The organization is very pleased with how smoothly it went. Your favorable reputation continues to grow...!

- Matt

Hello Digitalhost,
I can't believe that your support is so fast and good!!! I told you in my e-mail that

In the past I have changed hosting services many times because of poor support and slow response,

you are the BEST ON THE NET :-)

Again thanks a lot.
Grazia Visconti

Rarely have I seen the dedication to personal service that I have found at Digitalhost. Making a long story short, the Digitalhost team worked with me continually over 3 days to overcome a poor communication link problem that I have in a vacation resort area in the U.S. Developing alternative connection modes, running tests and maintaining contact until all problems were overcome went way beyond the call of duty. Thank you team. You have been great and are getting better every day.

Al Zeisler



I have been with Hostcp3 for only as short time as well. But in the 2 months since I arrived, I have to say that I now know lots of things about what I'm doing. I even have all of my domain names located in one place and I know how to get to them, and even navigate the panel successfully.
Ok, I guess you've figured out that I'm not a genius. I've only recently learned where and how to operate the reboot button on my computer, with out having to unplug and plug it back in. I've even learned about such things as taking control of my life on the web, and making the puny site I originally created into a good place I can access and alter anytime I wish. (Previously, I was locked out of my own site for over a year, due to a change I wasn't aware of by my previous host)

Much of what I've learned is due to the patience and quick responsiveness of Hostcp3. And I've not even been made to feel like the idiot everyone else has promised me I am!

I've been asked if I'd recommend Hostcp3. My answer? YOU BET! I've already done that quite a few times! With no hesitation whatsoever! It's a fantastic value. It's a brilliant plan! It's cutting edge knowledge for genius and idiots, alike! And I wasn't even paid to say any of this! It's merely the plain truth.

Hi All,
Well I can tell you it was great doing business with Hostcp3. I placed an order for my domain transfer which was done with ease. I had a couple of problems (no fault of hostcp3) which slowed the process down from the people I had my domain with but once that was sorted out it took a few hours to process fully operational.

I also registered a new domain with Hostcp3 and within 10 mins of sending and email requesting it and then paying, my account was up and ready to start using. I could enter all my details for DNS entries etc. It took a day for the propagation to come through and bobs your uncle all working within 24 hours. Just have to wait for my ISP to refresh their cache as I've had some friends check the site and works fine via their ISP.

I played around with the control panel and edited the domain settings which update instantly. I thought in the norm it took 24 hours to change on the whois info or even for the domain redirection to take place but no instantly WOW.

So if your thinking of going with Hostcp3 I recommend you do it. The pricing is great, and not to mention the fast and friendly customer service and support you get.

Just thought I would share my experience with you all as I know its hard trying to decide on who you should go with.

Cheers Neil
p.s I do not having any other relationship with Hostcp3 what so ever other than as a first time customer. (and it wont be the last time)

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Client testimonial

" I can't believe that your support is so fast and good!!! I told you in my e-mail that in the past I have changed hosting services many times because of poor support and slow response, you are the BEST ON THE NET :-)"

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